Mind Controlling Scared Girl





Mind Control. Lilly could give commands that people would respond to instantly, no save. There was leeway in terms of obeying the letter of the law as opposed to the spirit. For instance, Samuel was ordered to “Disable,” the PCs. He proceeded to freeze time, mount Special Education Protective Helmets on all the PCs, and then race away, as she had not ordered him to return.

Her powers were, however, powerful enough to kill Trevor, a PC who had fallen under her control, when he refused to obey. She commanded him to die, and she did.

Lilly’s powers have a strange side-effect. If an Empowered person is given an order, they find that they can use their powers in more impressive ways, finding the most expedient way to do so, even if they are not conscious of their methods. For example, Pyro, an established idiot with no real control over his ability to produce flames, was ordered by Lilly to attack. He found that he was capable of jets of flame up to 100 feet long.

She has since been depowered.


Lilly was a girl from a troubled home, with an abusive father and a weak-willed mother. Through her, ahem, friendship with Max Brooks, she gained powers. As she felt helpless in her family life, her Symbiote proceeded to give her the ability to control minds, which she discovered by ordering her father to “Fuck off,” and her mother to “Leave her alone!”

Max led her to the Futures, and left to deal with a small matter on his own. It’s unknown what happened; when Max next came to the Future’s hideout, he found their Leader on the ground, insisting that Lilly had taken over and had killed him, despite the lack of any wounds at all on the Leader’s body. He played a very dramatic death scene, and then held his breath waiting for Max and the others to leave.

Lilly took her army of Futures, now surprisingly adept at the use of their powers, and marched on the CAPA’s hideout. After ordering a few of her minions into the Hideout, Max raced out in Lilly’s form. This was an attempt to draw her attention, and perhaps break the power she had over the Futures. He had also arranged for one of the others to get a clear shot at her.

She hugged Max. She’d been looking for him all day.

She explained that she was afraid; the pressure of her powers was causing her to become irrational, and she didn’t think she could handle the pressure. Max calmed her down, and told her that she should order him to shapeshift into her form. Once in her form, Max was to order Lilly to never again use her powers, for any reason.

She did so, and felt the release as her powers were locked away from her.

She has since moved to California in an attempt to get over what happened.


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