Max Brooks

Max Brooks: Slacking Social Subverting Shapeshifter


Max Brooks:


Shapeshifting; absorbs target’s DNA through physical contact.

Can assume forms of other people.

Can mix parts into Hybrid forms.

Cannot Become Animals, Inanimate Objects.

Can mimic powers (only in cases of extreme stress)

Positive Traits:

“Hey, it’s Max! Awesome!”: Most everybody knows and likes Max.

Silver Tongue: Max can talk himself out of almost anything.

Negative Traits

“Aw fuck, it’s Max. . .”: Max has a reputation for getting himself and others around him in trouble, and cops and teachers know of him, at best, or have had several encounters at worst.

Impulsive: Provided it doesn’t involve violence against someone he likes, Max rarely, if ever, turns down an offer to go do something.


Max is a social butterfly, nice, the middle son of a large family who seeks attention in all forms. He’s well known in every social circle, among the cops and other authority figures. He’s slept with a lot of women, experimented with a lot of drugs, and talks his way out of class on an almost daily basis. He’s a lot of fun, but nobody expects him to go very far in life.

Max gained his powers at an impromptu rave that he attended, when he woke up the next day in the form of Lilly, who he had gone home with. After learning how to shift back to himself, he spent the day learning about a small group of nerds who called themselves The Futures and easily ingratiated himself into that group.

Max has lost one of his girlfriends, and seen the way that power can corrupt the nicest of people. He also has seen people die. The new organization that is forming up is against his own principles; he’s not interested in being a cop himself. Still, they’re all working for good, for now. And besides, they all have a lot of fun. Besides, he managed to find a way to work outside of the system, that suits him fine.

Max Brooks

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