The Nine

Max's Podcast
Audio Ramblings of Max Brooks

Audio Log of Max Brooks, 09-24-2009

“. . . test. Test. Okay, wow, is that how my voice sounds? Weird, anyways, uh. . . hi! I’m Max. I’m starting this up because, uh, well . .. I sort of blog about my life, and then I stopped for a while because things got boring, what with the probationary stuff at school, and anyways. . . But hey! Things are getting interesting. . . well, yes, interesting, but mostly. . . mostly weird. And I thought people might like to hear about it!”

“So, I don’t really know where to begin this. See, it’s like .. . oh, maybe I should do a full introduction or something. I mean, most everybody knows me, or at least I know most everybody, so you should be at least familiar. But if you’re from out of town or something, uhhh, I’m Max. I think I’m a pretty chill guy, I just sort of go with the flow and like to have a lot of fun, you know? I go to a lot of parties, help friends out of jams, and uhhhh, if you’re listening Officer Munoz, this is all a work of fiction for a class. Check with Ms. Hines. She’ll back me up.”

“Anyways, I guess. . . I guess it had been going on for a while, and I hadn’t noticed, but. . . people are acting weird at school. Like, really weird. All conspiracy-ish, and hush hush. People were hiding things from me! What the Fuck, son? Like I can’t be discreet. Whatever.”

“For me, I started to notice the weird shit. If you listened to my old podcast, you probably heard about Lilly. She’s a cute girl, blonde hair, a little underdeveloped in the bust, but dude, has this girl got an ass on her. Plus, she’s pretty chill, funny, likes to smoke, you know? She’s in my art class, works on Manga shit and the like. . . anyhoo, we’re chilling earlier this week, Monday, and she invites me out afterwards. So, we head out, and we end up at this rave. Now, I’ve got a pretty good tolerance for a lot of things, man, a lot of things, but something. . . I don’t remember that night AT ALL man. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that she roofied me or something but A: That doesn’t seem like her style, and B: I was definitely willing. I always am, you know?”

“So, that was weird in and of itself, but the weirdest is yet to come. I wake up the next morning, and I head outside, and my little bro stops me. “Are you one of Max’s girlfriends?” he asks me.”


“I’m all, what? So, I go to XYC (Examine My Chest, it’s important these days), and sure enough, the small little guys are there! I’m all looking like Lilly and shit! So, I tell him that yeah, I’m Max’s girlfriend, and I need to go to the bathroom. Seriously, I looked EXACTLY like her; I even had the birthmark down on her thigh (yeah, I knew about it, what?).”

“I’m on the verge of panic, but I think about being Me again, and I am! I blink, and I look just like myself. Whew. Oh, and to those of you who think I’m messing around, this is serious. Watch. . .”

Seriously, guys. This isn’t Lilly talking. This is Max. . . who looks like Lilly.”

“So, I go to school, all panicky and shit, and I find Lilly. I bug her all day about whether or not she drugged me, or if she remembered anything from the rave, or anything, but she’s got no answers. In Art, though, this creepy little Goth kid, never talked to me before in my life, asks if I’ve got powers.”

“Apparently, there’s a lot of us. They’ve got some sort of meeting this afternoon, I’m going to it. I scored some good Rocky Mountain High stuff, so I think I can make it a fun time. . .”

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