The Nine

The Nine are the most powerful Empowered in the world. . . thus far. At least the first we’ve heard of. It’s pretty well-known that they were the first people to be exposed to. . . whatever it was that made people this way. They’re also the people who we follow; most of us, at any rate. They’re nice enough people, and they seem like they’re trying their best.

1. Jack: Jack seems to be immune to electricity, and he can store it and redirect it at a later date. He is in charge of the Education Group.

2: David: David can heal from anything we’ve been able to dish out. He is the head of Empowered Defense.

3: Thomas: Thomas can turn into some sort of liquid similar to mercury. He can’t reshape it or harden it, but he’s impossible to kill when he’s changed. Thomas is The Nine’s Medic, and is in charge of treating any physical issues the Empowered may have.

4: Jonny: Jonny can turn invisible, and seems to be intangible whenever he is invisible. Jonny lends his talents to the Espionage Division.

5: Leonard: Leonard is telepathic, and powerfully so, capable of reading anybody’s mind. Leonard predominantly focuses on Psychological Maintenance.

6: Bobby: Bobby’s brain can process and interpret scientific information at an incredible speed. Bobby is involved in Scientific Research.

7: Bobby: When scared or threatened, Fabian becomes a gigantic beast with tremendous destructive power. Fabian and his Men work on defeating threats to the Empowered.

8: Adam: Adam has reflexes that render him incapable of being struck or harmed. Adam and his people are in charge of Public Relations and Media Manipulation

9: Kevin has shown an ability to speak to cats, enhanced physical ability, and recently, a further transformation into a cat-like creature, furthering his abilities. Kevin is in charge of protecting the Environment.

The Nine

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