The Nine

The Symbiotes are loose. We don’t know where the things came from, but they’re spreading like Wildfire. It’s like an infection; intimate contact with one of the Empowered gives you tremendous power. . . but draws a lot of unfortunate attention. Worst of all? We’re only teenagers. With Great Power comes Great Responsibility, but what if you didn’t have any responsibility to begin with?

The Nine is a lighthearted game of Superpowered Teens making their way at the beginning of a superpower explosion. As the infection spreads, superhumans start to appear in large numbers, and the kids react the only way they can figure to do; some use their powers for good, some for personal gain. Some want to be heroes, some just want to hang out.

We play rules light, humor heavy, and with a continuing story that unfolds at its own pace.

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The Nine

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