This game takes place in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the moment. Centered around Capital High School, all events occur during the middle of an outbreak of some sort of infection that grants people superpowers of varying strengths and complexities.

Nobody really knows, character-wise, where these powers are coming from; they can track the outbreak, but they are unable to tell what is causing the outbreaks.

Because the group is mainly teenagers, those who are infected are adopting both traditional superhero norms (Teams, secret hideouts) and non-traditional activities (not a single crime has been stopped. A few COMMITTED, but. . .).

What is clear is that there is a hierarchy of powers; some gain incredible powers, while others develop less-than-impressive variations. At the moment, at the top of the Food Chain is The Nine; Nine individuals with tremendous power. Around these Nine, almost all of the other Empowered have gathered; they’ve all taken on responsibilities and participate in the greater organization under The Nine’s leadership.

There’s Safety in numbers, after all. . .


The Nine tigerclawdd